Pregnant, unmarried, and $70,000 in debt, Gwen Medved was a struggling graduate student with a lifealtering decision to make—continue living life with a heart full of anger and regret or find a way to forgive herself and those who abused and abandoned her.

Gwen took the high road, and within three years she was a loving mom with her degree and a million dollars in the bank!

A successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer, and coach with a deep commitment to family, Gwen speaks with a “compassion of truth,” that makes her relatable and creates an instant connection with her clients and audiences.

Gwen has a unique and inspiring personal story to tell of what it takes to succeed when opportunity is not handed to you. An author of Pillars of Success and Life Lessons of Success, executive producer of “It’s Happening Right Here,” a documentary film on human trafficking and the rescue work of Tim Ballard’s Operation Underground Railroad, Gwen’s greatest belief is that love and real connection are what is desperately needed to transform the anxiety, depression, numbness, disconnect and dissociation that is epidemic in today’s world of overwhelming technology and de-humanizing social media influences.

Gwen is dedicated to bringing her experience to entrepreneurs, community leaders, corporate employees, and all women ready to tackle the challenge of letting go of the past in order to succeed in the present. Through live events, retreats, women’s summits, speaking engagements, and private coaching, Gwen is here to teach her clients, audiences and small groups how to succeed, rise and thrive through adversity.

Gwen holds a B.A. from Purdue University and an M.Ed. in Counseling and Human Services from DePaul University. She is a certified Canfield Transformational Trainer, Values-Based Leadership Coach and Health Coach, and advocate for women, children and families.

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